Sunday Sampling / 057


Feb 12 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 057

Bonjour, heroines in training!

I’m back in my tartan blanket cape after a week in Paris (and DISNEYLAND), and while I wouldn’t say no to a fresh croissant for breakfast, I’m pleased to return to normalcy, especially since our furniture for the new flat has arrived! 

Even though this was my fourth trip to Paris, I’m still learning new things about the City of Light, and am plodding along with my language learning app (If you’re learning French too, join us in our Heroine Training Club with the code WCDARM on your Duolingo app). 

Can’t believe it took me 4 trips to Paris to…

  • Discover Café Gourmand: a coffee and an assortment of mini desserts. Give me several tiny desserts over one big one any day. I want to try everything! 
  • Learn how to ask for the bill: “L’addition s’il vous plaît”. Still baffled by how this vocabulary passed me by.
  • Go to Disneyland Paris! As a roller coaster kid and frequenter of Walt Disney World, I knew I’d make it to Parc Disneyland someday, and now I’m already planning my return visit ? 

Also this week I made my literary debut on Dear Damsels, writing about what rock climbing taught me about the fear of reading forward. You might remember the life lessons from rock climbing I wrote about in my book; I really enjoyed expanding on one of them, inspired by their monthly theme of “TRUST”.


✉️ With most of my friends spread out across the globe, I can so relate to Carly’s words on maintaining long distance friendships. All of her points are spot on!

Meyers-Briggs meets literary heroines? Yes please!

☕️ An amazing review of Gilmore girls and its revival that acknowledges, forgives, and explains Rory’s faults.

? Girlbosses: Look at the startling differences between the wording in these $500, $4,000, and $7,000 offers. How are you presenting yourself?

? How many titles have you read on this Black History Month Reading List?

? It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow! Disney has filed a patent for a technology that can read guest’s emotions on rides and alter the experiences based on the results.

? We’ve been experimenting with our juicer lately, and I love these simple, budget-friendly juicing tips.

? Plus on Heroine Training: my favourite stories roundup for February (SO many movies!) & how to get the best travel advice for you.

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