Sunday Sampling / 058


Feb 26 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 058

This week I had the wonderful realisation that there’s this thing called SPRING, and if you’re really lucky, you even get to experience it in Scotland. I soaked up an afternoon’s dose of vitamin D before the rain came pouring down, but for just a moment, it was glorious.


How to make friends faster, according to a behavioural scientist’s research

?  Off to the bookshop to pick up these favourite poetry collections for bedtime reading!

I love these EW interviews with Emma Watson on Belle – she has clearly done her homework!

?? Consider these Belle Époque lamps wishlisted.

This is how you celebrate heartbreak.

For further celebratory inspiration, look no further than Catherine’s exceptionally pink Galentine’s Day Brunch

Are you prepared to walk away from everything at a moment’s notice?

? Plus on Heroine Training: How to define success for yourself: Oscar Season Edition, 21 things to do on a 5-minute Pomodoro break, and my minimalist Disneyland Paris haul

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