Sunday Sampling / 061


Jul 16 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 061

The problem with living in my favourite city is that is spoils travel for me. All other places must compete with my personal bias for my dear, magical Edinburgh.

My tea parties, however, remind me what’s worth traveling for: connecting with the most wonderful people. My San Francisco ladies at the whimsically English Crown & Crumpet pointed me towards their favourite bookshops, and explained the local appreciation for style and costume. The party was even covered in the San Francisco Chronicle

I’m already dreaming of my return visit, and a return to Bristol as well, where we set a place for Jane Austen at our table, because the women who attend these gatherings have the most creative and thoughtful ideas.

I have added a new Edinburgh tea party to the calendar, and in March 2018 I will be a presenter and sponsor at the Granger Leadership Academy (yes, that Granger). This conference captures the values of Hogwarts like no other, and that’s saying something, considering that it does not take place in Edinburgh ;)

my favourite reads lately

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