Sunday Sampling / 064


Sep 17 2017

Gold Tape



Hello heroines! It’s been a quiet week, but sometimes that’s just how I like it: sinking back into my tried-and-true routines, reading 25 pages each morning and evening (at least!), perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe in our new-ish oven, and getting excited about next week’s Tea Party!


This sampling is brought to you by the Heroine Training in-house musician, Rorie [I wish!]. Her ethereal, storybook music is so fit for a heroine, and I’m obsessed with her new song, “Dawn”. You can follow her music on Spotify and find images that do her wondrous music justice on her Instagram @roriemusic.


? Some creative alternatives to finding a mentor, such as a Personal Board of Directors, or a friend who serves as an agent.

? a 10 year reflective on Gossip Girl, the culture on set, and a shift in celebrity mindset in a post-Instagram world.

? My new favourite cosplayers: @CosplayParents! I can’t decide whether I love their Wonder Woman or Frozen cosplays more!

Fashion is having a Jane Austen moment (and I love it!)

✈️ How to be a socially conscious traveller: some interesting factors to consider when you’re choosing your destination and what you do there.

⚡️ Take a moment to consider: What would Hogwarts be like without Hermione?

? This high school has an unusual and creative tradition for seniors: they take their class ID photos in costume – and some are pretty clever!

? Plus, on Heroine Training: the most common to-do list mistake (and how to avoid it) and a heroine’s guide to Plymouth, Massachusetts

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