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Oct 01 2017

Gold Tape

A Spell for Feeling Well

Hello heroines!

Without intending to, each of my Sunday Sampling roundups often have a common theme. This week it seems I have money on the mind.

Sometimes I wonder if a post is too business-y to share, but I believe that entrepreneurial lessons often apply to life, whether or not you run a business.

One thing I can promise you is that this list will always include the 7 links that have intrigued me most in the past week! Enjoy!


When it comes to ethical fashion, my absolute favourite is Izzy Lane, a vegetarian designer who rescues sheep and uses their wool for slaughter-free socks, knitting yarn, and fabulous wool clothing (autumn collection coming soon!). I am fangirling over the opportunity to collaborate with them [see me proudly sporting one of their coats above]. You can use the code XAG2 to receive 20% off your purchase.


? A study on why Disneyland is so addictive, written by a Disney fanatic trying to understand his own obsession with the most magical place on earth!

? I’m obsessed with this extensive guide to DIY green cleaning recipes.

? A poignant reminder to reach out to others when you think of them, because you might be the only one.

Taylor Swift, “disruptive business genius”.

? I love Denise Duffield-Thomas’s idea of ‘first class upgrades’. Here are 38 things to declutter from your life, including things that aren’t ‘first class’!

? A vivid imagining of the Autumn Equinox as a gathering of two goddesses: light and dark.

There is always space for rest – if we give ourselves permission.

? Plus on Heroine Training: 5 ways to be a good friend & my minimalist wardrobe tour

P.S. I’m always looking for likeminded businesses to feature! You can read about sponsorship opportunities here, or let me know about an awesome business I should know about ?

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