Sunday Sampling / 067


Oct 22 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 067

I’m trying something new this week. Since I’m addicted to sorting everything into Hogwarts houses, from fictional characters to cities to restaurants, why not sort my Sunday Sampling picks as well?

Browse my favourite reads lately by Hogwarts house, as well as a gem from my own archives for each common room. 


For fierce loyalty to personal values, read Christian Siariano’s open letter on diversity and body positivity in the fashion industry

Practice patience and dedication to one task at a time with these App Alternatives and Screen-Free Solutions for a Modern Heroine.


? I am proud to say that my college now holds the world record for most people dipping egg ‘soldiers’ simultaneously. This is such a Ravenclaw thing to do: being serious about something just for fun. 

? For a logical approach to wellness, create your own personal Marauder’s Map for self care with my free ebook, A Spell for Feeling Well


❤️ Why didn’t anyone tell me Aly & AJ are back? I am obsessed with their fresh, bold fashion sense in this recreation of their “Potential Breakup Song” music video ^.  

❤️ Erin’s guide to St. Louis fit for a heroine requires Gryffindor bravery for exploring the great heights of the City Museum!


? Longer hours does not mean better results. This article suggests that we shouldn’t be so obsessed with maximum efficiency while we’re striving to achieve.

? Slytherin is the house where you “meet your real friends”: How to Keep in Touch with Long Distance Friends.

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