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Dec 20 2015

Gold Tape

Life tends to wind both up and down at the holidays. Holiday cheer in the form of the Christmas fair, mulled wine, and mince pies soften the mood, but at the same time I’m getting ready for the final sprint of the year – finishing up my 2015 projects before it’s time to vacation at Christmas. I shall channel my rabbit-esque cocahon for the occasion.

Sunday Sampling

✒️ you’re a writer, lady / When is it Acceptable to Call Yourself a Writer?

love love LOVE! A true writer – or artist, for that matter – is always working on her craft. So when do we cross that barrier and own our “aspiring” title?

be inspired by your work area / How to Build a Creative Space

If you, like I, are still honing your workspace style, take a look at Lindsey‘s guide. [and/or browse my ongoing workspace inspo board on Pinterest]

live vicariously through these characters / 25 Great Pieces of Life Advice from Literature

Just found a new favourite in no.8 (David Foster Wallace), and no.4 is one of the founding phrases that inspired this website (guess who…) :)

minimalist solutions to wanting more stuff / Why We Like New Stuff and What it Tells About Us

If you feel the urge to acquire stuff, check Nyamka‘s list of free, non-permanent alternatives.

⚡️ if james potter had tumblr… / The Relationship Goals are Real with Jily: James and Lily Potter

There is no one in Harry Potter I detest more than James Potter. This “Ask Me Anything” with him totally captures why. It’s hilarious.

save up for your adventures / 10 Ways to Actually Save Money

No.4 (DIY) is my favourite at the moment – I spent less than a fiver on my DIY Star Wars fascinator. Yes, it would have been quicker to buy an accessory, but I vastly enjoyed crafting fun time AND it was so satisfying to put the rest into travel savings instead!

take it easy & just be you / The Simple Truth is: My Choices are Not a Commentary on Yours

So true. I shouldn’t take your choices personally, nor you mine. I feel insecure about certain titles I wear, like “vegetarian” and “minimalist”. But hey. It’s my problem, not yours – and I need to remember that.

plus, some heroine training originals from this month / I don’t have a big dream and that’s okay / Why I Blog / What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything

merry christmas & happy new year!


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