Sunday Sampling: May the Fourth Be With You

Chapter, Fashionably Light

May 04 2014

Gold Tape


Happy Sunday! Curl up with some good articles, rest, relax, and rejoice.

♡ I’m one of many bloggers featured in this week’s {hub}LINKS roundup, which also includes Valerie’s article that’s got me converted on food prep.

♡ May the Fourth Be With You! Channel your inner jedi: 7 Things Star Wars Taught Me About Productivity [found via My Life as a Tea Cup!]

♡ How unemployment made Jamie a more calculated book-buyer: mindful + minimal!

♡ I’m obsessed with these Color Inspiration boards. Isn’t this one lovely?

♡ A very extensive guide to assessing the quality of garments. Read up before you go shopping!

More beautiful wallpapers from Design Love Fest! Just changed mine to the pink dots.

A quick reminder to be silly!

What have you enjoyed reading this week?

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