Sunday Sampling: Creativity & Doodles


Jun 15 2014

Gold Tape


♡ An excellent example of my motto “limitation fosters creativity”: Man gets stuck in airport, Makes rad music video.

The story behind Google’s doodle from a little while back is worth a read – inspiring stuff, children of the world!

♡ Cool stationery alert  

♡ Reflection on downsizing from a former shoe hoarder

♡ How to photograph headshots for social media [or just in general]

♡ Scarlett Johansson interviews my girl Elle Fanning

♡ What your Hogwarts house AND your astrological sun sign say about you

miss xandra bee

P.S. As I write, I’m getting my outfit together for Exeter’s ball! If you too are prepping for a formal event, see my checklist here!

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