Sunday Sampling: Practical Advice & the English Countryside


Jun 22 2014

Gold Tape


♡ get your creative on with Mac’s awesome guide to art journaling

♡ for your minimalist spice cabinet, here’s a list of spice substitutions to keep things simple

♡ Pixie and Pixier’s down-to-earth and fabulous tips for struggling with money anxiety

♡ Garance Doré breaks down some words society uses in a way that bothers her. Words matter, people.

♡ How to reclaim your mornings: inspiring!

Sarah’s badass Blogcademy scholarship video addresses some questions all bloggers should consider

♡ Whenever I need a dose of England, I read Curlew Country

miss xandra bee

P.S. This week, I talked about my name with Ollivander Mo, minimalism with Foreign Geek, and was featured on Smart, Pretty, and Awkward! Wow.

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