Sunday Sampling: Magical Productivity Bundle, Insomnia, and Singletasking


Jul 27 2014

Gold Tape




♡ This video on singletasking is both profound and hilarious. Must watch!

♡ Blake Lively’s online business is finally here, and I think it’s quite cool.

♡ A really cute illustration + actually insightful steps for your biggest dreams: Cycle of an Idea

♡ Kat‘s lists are always unpredictable and bluntly bloody useful. This is no exception: 7 Secrets of Making Money Online

♡ Introverts and insomnia: a fresh take on the liberation of insomnia. Really sweet!

♡ I reeeally want to start a record collection after reading Pearl’s guide.

♡ Oh my gosh. These time machines to the 90s are glitter-tastic.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Today is the LAST day (midnight UK time) to purchase the Spikes and Stardust Magical Productivity Bundle, which includes my book among other inspiring ladies’!

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