Sunday Sampling: Be Legendary


Sep 28 2014

Gold Tape


♡ I love Sarah’s list of 17 little things you can switch around to make life more interesting.

♡ Marketa has a cute little map of her brain. What’s in your brain?

♡ How to be Legendary: a great collection of clips and inspiration from Old Hollywood’s femme fatales!

I am so intrigued by the Library of Scent, and plan to study their guide to creating your bespoke scent!

♡ I have a dream that everyone starts cleaning their houses in rollerblades – and other quirky, utopian dreams.

♡ As usual, Ché’s advice is adorably down-to-earth. Here’s her guide to choosing a career path.

♡ I’m obsessed with these recycled fairy houses that I found whilst seeking inspiration for my Kingdom of Recyclum!

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