Sunday Sampling: Best Blogs of 2014


Dec 28 2014

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling: Best Blogs of 2014

For the final Sunday of the year, I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of 7 articles, I’m sharing my favourite 7 blogs of 2014. Think of it as a very carefully selected blog roll.

♡ Light by Coco – I’ve been in love with Coco’s videos on stylish minimalism from the start, but her content has gotten even more creative and professional over 2014. She makes minimalism fun and really cool.

♡ Design Love Fest – Bri’s attention to detail and design has been a soothing inspiration for my own nesting projects. This year my desktop wallpaper changed every time she posted new ones.

♡ The Laughing Medusa – My sparkling blogger friend Sarah had me at “urban pixie” and she has seriously upped her game this year with her essays on self love.

♡ Gala Darling – This remains the first site I click to whenever I’m bored or feeling blue. I’m still working through her movie list whenever I need a boost, and I adore her new articles on modern magic!

♡ Into Mind – Absolutely gorgeous printouts and worksheets for tailoring your wardrobe and living mindfully and minimally. The Wardrobe Revamp really helped me rethink what’s in my capsule collection.

Zen Habits – The site that got me hooked on minimalism. Excellently written distraction-free articles that speak to the soul with down-to-earth authenticity. My best days start with reading a Zen Habits article.

♡ The Sweet Seed – My favourite Boston blogger, Valerie, emulates simple luxe with finesse. Every post is thoughtful, useful, and makes me sit up a little straighter to live up to its cool ladylike qualities. 

Plus, in case you missed it, my favourite blogs of years’ past:

2013 | My Life as a Teacup – literary love and everything cosy

2012 | Sparkles and Crumbs – for living your dream life in your head as you strut through the day-to-day

What have been your favourite blogs this year?

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