Sunday Sampling: Disney Princesses & Productivity


May 25 2014

Gold Tape


♡ What all adventurous expats have in common: my favorite Laughing Medusa post yet

♡ Leo Babauta, on what to do with your life: seriously, he always has the best advice.

♡ Archetypes of Disney Princesses: This whole site is interesting, but of course I love the Disney article especially. According to their [extensive] quiz, I’m 54% Creative/Tiana, 29% Visionary/Mulan, and 17% Caregiver/Snow White.

♡ Productivity tips from Mark Zuckerberg and other prominent leader-types. 

♡ Do you Abandon Books? Amy’s rules on when to stick it out.

♡ 5 Easy Ways to Blog Consistently. Great tips!

♡ This gorgeous picture [source]:


What do you think? Happy Sunday!

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