Sunday Sampling: Minimalism and the Modern Hippie


Aug 03 2014

Gold Tape


♡ 100 Habits of the Modern Hippie. My favourite: Think outside the box others think outside of. Genius!

♡ Eerie and eye-opening: photos of people lying in a week’s worth of trash. What would yours look like?

♡ When minimalist book-owning rules conflict with matching cover pretty-ness. I can so relate.

♡ I love how Sarah mindfully uses her grandpa’s matches: Why you shouldn’t save ‘the good stuff’

♡ Doesn’t Caz look gorgeous in her new flouncy dress? Well she also makes a great point: Dress how you want to be addressed.

♡ I love Taylor Swift’s advice to a fan on unrequited love. Beautiful!

♡ Major care package inspo.

miss xandra bee

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