Sunday Sampling: Passwords for Empowerment


Jul 06 2014

Gold Tape


♡ You may have seen my style in 5 key pieces, but The Vivienne Files shows how to build on those pieces to make an inspiring, colourful wardrobe! Also, check out Sophie from Crown & Glory’s list of 5 key pieces!

♡ 19th-century British novelists sorted into Hogwarts houses.

♡ Since it’s summer… tips on the perfect shave (plus, part 2).

♡ Passwords for empowerment: how a password changed my life

♡ 6 festivals for people who don’t like festivals [I want to goooo!]

♡ A great video on how to change spending habits to adopt a minimalist lifestyle

♡ I love this 1960’s storm trooper-inspired outfit.

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