Sunday Sampling / Project Yourself Like a Protagonist


Sep 27 2015

Gold Tape

It’s officially autumn, and oh it feels like it. There’s that lovely hint of chill in the air, the scent of pumpkin-spiced lattes and candles, Halloween plans falling into place… it’s the best time of year, so don’t forget to drink it in! My week has included some lovely walks around autumnal Edinburgh – catching up on Survivor podcasts because Season 31 just premiered and I can’t get enough of it.

Sunday Sampling / Project Yourself Like a Protagonist

❤️ anthropologie declares: simplicity is in / Personal Styling: Closet Overhaul

Starting with a gorgeous image of a dream closet and acknowledgement that less is more, I love this post about displaying your curated closet with care.

books you can judge by their covers / Falling Back in Love With Books: My 9 Must-Read Suggestions

Always a fan of reading lists, I can’t wait to dive into Shauna’s beautiful selection of mostly design and fashion-y books!

project yourself like a protagonist / “Excuse Me, Do You Own a Fainting Couch?”

Kitty Kavalier has one of the most vividly fabulous personalities I have met on the internet. This story about how a gentleman in a bar asked her if she owns a fainting couch – because she just seems like the kind of lady who does – is therefore no surprise.

? getting out of bed when the world feels groggy / 5 tips to beat the winter blues

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder. Ché‘s adorably illustrated guide to energizing and getting up could not have been more timely!

 ? birthdays for minimalists: how to celebrate without presents / New Birthday Traditions

It’s so true – people will insist on getting you presents even if you are clearly a minimalist. Erin suggests some alternatives to gift-giving that are more experience-based.

⚡️ the addictive new pottermore Why You Should Fall in Love With a Hufflepuff

Have you seen Pottermore‘s makeover? It is so clean and beautiful! The focus is now more on information that on clickable games, with some really great Potter-related content, like the following advice: If you can’t be a Hufflepuff, be with a Hufflepuff.

this board game looks awesome / Lords and Ladies

I really want to play this Downton-esque board game of building up an estate. Apparently it starts out gentile but can get pretty vicious.


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