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I believe that a heroine is never finished, but on her journey through life.

I've been obsessed with process ever since I was a kid - specifically, a Theatre Kid. The rehearsals were just as sacred to me as the Opening Night performance.

As an actor in community theatre, I learned to develop my character first. And so that’s how I write too: develop my character first, then tell her story, one lesson, one chapter at a time.

On Heroine Training, I’ve published thousands of public posts on viewing my life as a work in progress, and myself as a heroine in training.

Every month I articulate my latest learnings. In an overwhelming digital web of how to’s, I believe that a well-told story is more meaningful than an arbitrary list of answers.

Every week I host The Art Life, a podcast where we explore what it means to be a process-oriented artist in today's product-obsessed culture.

‘You should write a book!’ My readers tell me all the time.

Maybe a book would make me look more official or help me reach more readers. But I don’t want to drop my 7-year streak of regular publication to write one.

What if I could keep chronicling my life on a monthly basis, while also printing my words?

With more resources, I could create something for my readers to hold in their hands. I could let my writing travel further, and continue to publish how I like - frequently.

I do want to make my essays available in a way that brings readers off their screens and into their worlds.

But I'd like to dream bigger than a book.

Imagine a marketing budget spent not on online ads, but in a way that supports local businesses and artists.

Imagine what I could do with a typewriter, a thousand paper essays, and a thousand global stamps.

Until the next chapter,

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