How to Tackle Dreaded Tasks and Rock Your Day Instead


May 17 2016

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How to Tackle Dreaded Tasks and Rock Your Day Instead

If you’re like me, you have certain tasks that you keep putting off for days, and the longer they get pushed aside, the more they weigh on you. When you finally sit down to do them, they’re not bad at all. It was just that initial hurdle – showing up for the task – that required so much determination.

On the other hand, you know that burst of energy you get when you cross something off your list that seems deserving of a little happy dance?

Let’s maximize THAT feeling. 

First, identify what drains your energy.

For me it’s:

  • when I have people to contact
  • when I have emails to respond to
  • when I haven’t posted on social media for a while
  • when I am avoiding checking my bank balance and personal accounting

Here’s how I slay that procrastinatory dragon:

Now let’s put systems in place to tackle that procrastinatory dragon.

  • I set a timer for working on email 30 minutes each day
  • I keep a sticky note on my computer with all the emails I need to send, and tackle those first
  • I set up a plan and schedule my ‘bare minimum’ social media once a week
  • I budget primarily in cash, and withdraw my budget each week

Basically, I schedule those dreaded tasks into my routine so that I don’t have time to hem and haw about whether I’m “in the right mood” or whatever. If an email is particularly daunting, I set one of my Passion Planner tasks to start a draft, so that I at least dump my ideas into an outline, just like I would an essay or a blog post.

How to Tackle Dreaded Tasks and Rock Your Day Instead

Don’t forget to celebrate those small wins. When do you feel like you’re rocking your day?

I feel like I’m rocking my day:

  • when i set breakfast the night before
  • when i clean out email inbox
  • when i walk outside
  • when i exercise
  • when i take the time to cook a great meal
  • when i cross things off my to do list
  • (or any list, for that matter)
  • when i listen to music
  • when i have had a refreshing shower or soothing bath
  • when the laundry basket is empty
  • when i tackle a dreaded task

So when you feel resistance against a certain task, remind yourself of how starting is the hardest part, and about how awesome you’ll feel when it’s done.


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