Tea for One at the Caledonian


Sep 18 2015

Gold Tape

Last week I did a scary thing – I waltzed into one of the fanciest hotels in Edinburgh, sat down like I belonged, and ordered a pot of tea.

Tea for One at the Caledonian

Channeling my inner Blair Waldorf – appropriately, as the Caledonian is also the Waldorf Astoria – I dressed for the occasion, debuting my winter cape over a smart frock and my shiny Repettos from the Paris boutique.

Upon arrival I felt good, albeit nervous, but realised that to really fit in I should have donned my best just-woke-up-and-I’m-here-for-breakfast look. I still prefer my way.

The occasion for this adventure? A celebration of my productivity success last week earned me a Wallpaper* adventure in my attempt to mindfully tick off every venue listed in the exhaustive yet slim volume. The Caledonian is a Victorian landmark on the corner of Princes Street, a stately building I’ve oft passed with curious wonder.

Tea for One at the Caledonian

Tea at a fancy hotel tends to be good value. Yes it tends to be about twice or thrice the price of a typical coffeeshop tea, but the presentation and atmosphere are worth it. My Earl Grey arrived in a beautiful pot with that kind of good quality cup that feels a delicate and sharp to sip. Accompanying my tea was a small Scottish biscuit, and with a quick text’s permission from my sugar-free-September accountability buddy Anita I gladly indulged in this exception, which was too precious to pass up.

Peacock Alley proved to be the perfect setting for catching up on my Jane Austen reading, seated in an excellent chair, feeling tiny in the grand, high-ceilinged lounge, with classical music playing lightly in the background. Fit for an Artist’s Date.

Tea for One at the Caledonian your-assignment

Don’t be shy. Treat yourself to a cup of fancy tea at the Waldorf. Go on.


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