#TeamCap Cap: DIY Captain America Shield Fascinator


May 27 2016

Gold Tape

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY

Some friends of mine had tickets to the Captain America triple bill/

midnight showing and my reaction was “this is crazy”, but I couldn’t work out if it was good crazy or bad crazy. We decided to go for it. And if you’re gonna go all out, you go all out, so of course I would be dressing up. Of course!

So. When I see Captain America’s shield, I think fascinator.

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY

The base is a plate, with some construction paper glue sticked on. The tricky part was that the red paper wasn’t big enough so I traced the plate across two pieces.

I recycled the hairband and fascinator net from my R2D2 fascinator, which have proven to be solid investments!

I tried free drawing the star, but it was terrible, so I traced it from my computer screen. I didn’t have the right shade of blue paper on hand, so I coloured white paper with marker.

What to wear to a Captain America premiere?

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY

I scoured my closet for anything red, white, and blue, and went with my retro Vaute dress and red knee socks. Score. Then I remembered my vintage white jacket, which I’d tucked away during winter.

I debated about the shoes, because they are super not comfy albeit FIERCE, but they ended up being essential. I tucked my flats in my bag and changed for the walk home [and was very grateful I did].

Accessories: red lipstick, obviously, and my sparkly Alexandra King clutch, which I packed with the most American snack I could find. 3d glasses on normal glasses is not the most fun thing, but more fun than contact lenses at midnight for me.

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY

And so we watched the entire Captain America trilogy in one sitting.

It was actually useful because I needed a refresher on the whole Bucky backstory and was still confused about all the random new Avengers we have amassed over the years. It’s all good though. Captain America: Civil War included some of those rare fight scenes I actually enjoyed for their wit and ridiculousness rather than explosions ad nauseam.

We enjoyed a refreshing unexpected shower at 2am on the walk home, which for me served as a Bucky Barnes makeover. AHHHHH

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY

Sorry about that. I know it’s scary. Here’s another nice one:

#TeamCap Cap: Captain America-inspired DIY xandra-signature

P.S. I also played DIY dress up to see The Jungle Book! Here’s what I wore.

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