Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Notes Now (Plus, Minimalist Christmas Haul)

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Dec 27 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Cards NowWe’ve reached that awkward lull of the holidays. Christmas was awesome and an excellent excuse to relax, and New Year’s is far enough away that we can’t celebrate yet. It’s time to catch up on stuff, to use that extra time we were craving, but at the same time we’re full from Christmas dinner…still.

Simple Fix: Write your Thank You Notes Now.

Of all the nagging tasks, this one is perhaps the Naggiest. Thank you notes are never difficult or painful, but that rushing moment when you suddenly remember that another day has gone by and you still haven’t done them is.

My first digital thank you goes to Sister, for locking me out of her room all day Christmas Eve while she created the above ^ and the below:

Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Cards NowShe actually did research on my blog and noticed that I had listed only one scarf, hence two new dino friends!

Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Cards NowTo simplify the holiday season, I send Mama a short Christmas list each year, and this year’s included “fun jewelry” such as this Pac Man necklace (which I ended up getting too!). My family got creative at the craft store and put this trio together for me too.

Simple Fix: Write Your Thank You Cards NowAlso on the list was a penguin encounter, to complete one of my 43 things: “play with a penguin”. Dad got creative with a New England Aquarium brochure since the closest penguin encounter offered is in Connecticut. Yay!

Mind bogglingly, as I get older, cozy socks for Christmas have additionally become The Best Thing Ever. I wear my Sox socks with pride as I type. The best gifts are not for me, but for the whole family. We spent the evening playing our new board game, Wits and Wagers, and now have a stack of DVDs to tackle.

What did you get for Christmas?

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