This is The Art Life

What if art were less about goals and more about living? The Art Life is a podcast and emerging philosophy exploring what it means to be an artist.

Each episode questions what art has to do with life: from nature to notebooks, from happiness to home renovations.

Your host Grace Gordon shares stories of how art weaves meaning into all that we do. ‘Being an artist’ can be a job, but also an identity, a lifestyle, and a reminder to spend time away from screens.

In conversation, The Art Life redefines ‘art’ as expansive, inclusive, and grounding.

This show is for everyone because everyone can be an artist. Tune in for art chats and interviews. We hope you’re inspired to adopt an art life of your own.

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Xandra Sunglim Burns

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Writer & Literary Witch

Xandra Sunglim Burns is a Writer and Soul Storyteller, integrating fantasy and reality through quest-based personal development.
She enjoys rollercoasters and writing in coffeeshops with her fluffy ghoul, Snug.
Xandra lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and records The Art Life in the morning.
Keep in touch through her newsletter, Instagram (@xandrathewitch) and TikTok (@xandrathewitch).

Grace Gordon

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Actress, activist, and art model

Grace Gordon is a full time actress, activist, and art model.

Known for playing the ‘vivacious bad girl with a heart of gold’ in a wide array of LGBTQ, fantasy, and horror films, all of Grace’s work is dedicated to fostering community and healing through art and storytelling.

Grace lives in Los Angeles, California, and records The Art Life at midnight.

To learn more about her, visit her work on Instagram (@gracegordonofficial) and IMDb.

Recent Episodes

Aug 19, 2022

Reinventing Your Art Life (with Xandra Sunglim Burns)

Are you ready to enter a new era of your art life? Will your audience accept your creative evolution? In Episode 85, Xandra returns to the show discuss her massive reinvention, breaking the "rules" of social media, and embracing the magic of change. The art life is being delusional... or is it? ;)

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Aug 05, 2022

The Heart Part is the Hard Part (with Cesar Cardona)

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Cesar Cardona (he/him) is a musician, actor, writer, and boxer. Today, he's celebrating the release of his debut album, THE HEART PART IS THE HARD PART. In Episode 84, Cesar and Grace discuss their years of collaborations and peer support, self-discipline for artists, finding new role models, and the spiritual journey that facilitated Cesar's album release. The art life is facing your shadow and opening your heart.

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Jul 22, 2022

Is Art Therapy? (with Ameya Calvocoressi)

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: "This is my therapy," we say while entering the theatre. "That was therapeutic," we exhale after dancing out our stress. We know that art is healing, but can it truly replace therapy? In Episode 83 Grace talks with therapist Ameya Calvocoressi about the ways art can heal us, and how therapy can help us create better art.

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Jun 24, 2022

Movement for Artists (with Athena Reddy)

You are not a selfie. You are not an image in a Zoom meeting. You are a body in three-dimensional space, with sensations and needs that are important to attune to. Athena Reddy (they/them) is an actor, writer, and movement artist. Today, Athena returns to the show to talk about teaching the philosophy of movement.

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Jun 10, 2022

The Art of Editing (with Lorrie Kim)

Lorrie Kim (she/her) is an author who loves editing. In Episode 81, she takes a break from book revisions to speak with Grace about sending useful writing feedback, beta reading, and how the “fan fiction economy” can foster better storytelling. The art life is going word by word.

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