This is The Art Life

What if art were less about goals and more about living? The Art Life is a podcast and emerging philosophy exploring what it means to be an artist.

Each episode questions what art has to do with life: from nature to notebooks, from happiness to home renovations.

Your hosts are actress Grace Gordon and writer Xandra Robinson-Burns. They share stories of how art weaves meaning into all that we do. ‘Being an artist’ can be a job, but also an identity, a lifestyle, and a reminder to spend time away from screens.

In conversation, The Art Life redefines ‘art’ as expansive, inclusive, and grounding.

This show is for everyone because everyone can be an artist. Tune in for art chats and interviews. We hope you’re inspired to adopt an art life of your own.

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Xandra Robinson-Burns

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Writer & Protagonist of Heroine Training

Xandra writes about daily life, being the heroine of our own stories, and finding wisdom in what we do for fun.

She also hosts What’s Your Favorite Part? and Read by Xandra, and leads Everyday Wonderland.

Xandra lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and records The Art Life in the morning.

Keep in touch through her newsletter.

Grace Gordon

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Actress, activist, and art model.

Grace Gordon is a full time actress, activist, and art model.

Known for playing the ‘vivacious bad girl with a heart of gold’ in a wide array of LGBTQ, fantasy, and horror films, all of Grace’s work is dedicated to fostering community and healing through art and storytelling.

Grace lives in Los Angeles, California, and records The Art Life at midnight.

To learn more about her, visit her work on Instagram (@gracegordonofficial) and IMDb.

Recent Episodes

Apr 09, 2021

We're On Vacation!

In celebration of our Artist Way series, The Art Life is on vacation! We'll be back soon for our new Campfire Episode. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear our upcoming secret announcement. And perhaps go an Extended Artist Date of your own!

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Mar 26, 2021

The Artist's Way Week 12

On the Artist’s Way FINALE, Grace has exciting career news that is SO Week 12. She and Xandra marvel at how breakthroughs happen when they surrender control, and prioritise FUN! “Life is meant to be an artist date.”

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Mar 19, 2021

The Artist's Way Week 11

Grace admits to self-imposed stressors and Xandra experiences synchronicities with her former self. They choose process: in both movement and career decisions. What’s on your artist’s altar?

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Mar 12, 2021

The Artist's Way Week 10

What if we could have our dreams right now? Grace and Xandra confront workaholism as a creative block, and return to their favourite topic: boundaries! Affirmation for the week: “Respecting myself makes my relationships better.”

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Mar 05, 2021

The Artist's Way Week 9

Many people abandon The Artist’s Way around this point in the book. So here’s some extra encouragement! 🥰🥰🥰 Grace and Xandra challenge themselves to dream bigger and want more. Did you read your morning pages this week?

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Introducing Our Artist’s Way Series for 2021

This January, The Art Life begins a comprehensive series covering Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. We will dedicate a weekly episode to each of the book’s twelve chapters. This series is for anyone wishing to unblock their creativity with this legendary book. Each of our weekly recaps will provide accountability, and community, concluding with a Campfire Episode where listeners are invited to send in their reflections from their Artist’s Way journeys.

As Julia Cameron said, “Success is born in clusters and out of generosity.” Our listeners are cordially invited to join our cluster and share their reflections as we go through each chapter on our show.

Grace has completed The Artist’s Way three times, led an online book group for it through Inside Acting, and attended Julia Cameron’s in-person workshop. She credit The Artist’s Way for motivating her to write and produce her first short film, and take the leap to move to Los Angeles. Xandra will have just completed the programme individually for the first time.

An antidote to the product-obsessed digital age, The Art Life celebrates the pleasure and process of daily life as an artist. Now in its second year, the show explores and expands the definition of ‘art’ in each episode. The Artist’s Way series will be free and available on our podcast feed beginning 1 January, 2021.

Our Campfire Cluster

We’re doing The Artist’s Way with:
Kaytra, Susan, Shaun, Lorrie, Sara, Katherine, Cody, Isa, Janae, Emily, Annemarie, Laura,
& more anonymous artists.

If you are also on this journey with us, please email us to be added to this Official List!

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