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Apr 27 2019

Gold Tape

^ The Everyday Wonderland Cafe, est. 2019 by Secret Garden member, Meridian

Earlier this week I wrote about how I took myself to G&D’s for an affogato on university deadline days. 

To afford this kind of treat on a student budget, I had to get creative. I collected loyalty card stamps from the least expensive teas, then cashed them in for mochas. I made sure I arrived at the library as soon as it opened to have the most pleasant experience, with no admission fee. My favourite workaround was Cafe Xandra.

I’d forgotten about Cafe Xandra until Meridian established the Everyday Wonderland Cafe.

In Everyday Wonderland, I encourage seeking adventure in small quantities, wherever you are. You don’t have to travel far, invest too much time, or spend a lot of money. That’s why the programme costs $7 per month, and requires one minute of your time each week. Our community gathers in the Secret Garden to report back from our mini adventures.

Meridian wrote:

My first Mighty Min Adventure! Watching Xandra’s planner videos got me itching to get back to planning. I caught myself having a type of thought that often shows up when I’m stuck on mostly-bedrest, about how Xandra goes to a café to plan, and I can’t get out to a café, and my planning life would be perfect if I could go to a café, and is impossible because I can’t.

I decided to challenge that thought, and decided if I can’t go to the café, I can bring the café to me!

So may I please present to you the 

🌟🌸Everyday Wonderland Café🌟🌸

With some pretty pillows, a lace curtain on the table, a homemade almond milk rooibos chai latté, avocado toast on homemade seed bread, and a custom playlist of songs that give me a sense of wonder, this in-home café offers everything the home-bound planner could ask for to sit and plan in comfort! Best of all, you can show up in your pajamas with bed hair 😄

I enjoyed my visit to the EW Café very much, and look forward to returning. I did a lovely and helpful tarot reading while there. Something about being in such a gracious space made my reading feel that much more sacred and peaceful.

Meridian’s Mini Adventure reminded me of my own version of this at uni, when I founded Cafe Xandra.

When I felt like working from a cafe, but wanted to save some money, I sent a message to my friends: Cafe Xandra was open!  

I served cookies fresh from our communal college kitchen. We compiled our tea collections, and pressed play on a custom soundtrack.

Today, going out to a cafe to do my work is a mini adventure. 

But Meridian reminded me that for some, that’s a larger adventure. 

For other seasons of my life, going to a cafe has been a larger adventure too.

When I lived in the suburbs and relied on my parents for rides, doing work at a cafe was a larger adventure. 

A year ago, when Snug was a baby doggie, and I had to take her outside every hour, going to a cafe was a larger adventure.

Now, whenever any Everyday Wonderland heroine takes a moment to make working from home lovely, a new branch of the Everyday Wonderland Cafe is established.

A Mini Adventure is measured by the heroine in question.

Mini Adventuring is using what you have, where you are, to create magic for yourself. It’s heroine training in action. Transfiguring your limitations into luxuries is being your own heroine.

Everyday Wonderland is an experience in Mini Adventuring. Each Call to Adventure is specific, inspiring you into action, but  broad enough to follow in your own way. 

Because Mini Adventures are so individual, I want to help you (yes, you) get started. Let’s chat 1:1. In 15 minutes, I can map you your own Mini Adventure to fit into your routine. There are a few spaces available, so find a time that works for you in my calendar! (It’s free).

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