The Lesson I Must Keep Relearning


Mar 05 2020

Gold Tape

The Lesson I Must Keep Relearning

The Lesson I Must Keep Relearning: Writing first.

First thing in the morning. I must grant this precious time to my writing: writing what I feel inspired to write. Not answering emails, not arranging podcast show notes, not even polishing up my next essay, but capturing what I am most excited to create, in that moment.

I remind myself in beauty.

I dedicate the prettiest notebooks to my journaling. I get them personalised in gold (zoom in!). I pair the ritual with a scrumptious cup of coffee.

I must start my day not by ‘working’ towards anything directly, instead giving myself the space, the freedom, for the best, most present ideas to emerge. Many of these ideas become ‘things’. But they don’t have to. The beauty is in showing up.


P.S. For more on notebooks, see The Art Life Episode 25: What’s in Our Notebooks :)

P.P.S. As for what these writings become, have a browse!

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