The Live Book Launch Party

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 24 2014

Gold Tape

Last night, Caroline and I had a little book launch party/interview! If you missed it, never fear, the video is here:

Fashionably Light: Becoming My Own Heroine hits digital bookshelves tomorrow. So if you want to read about minimalism, heroine-ism, and Miu Miu in the mountains…

Pre-OrderAlso, have a look at these awesome lady-editors from across the globe [5 countries!] who helped make the book better:

The Live Book Launch Party

1. Kristin writes addictive geek-chic posts fit for a bibliophile at My Life as a Tea Cup that make me want to curl up with a good book and a cuppa.

2. Erin, besides being my writing partner since age nine, is a singer and composer of gorgeous songs that have heroine-ism written all over them.

3. Sarah is the “urban pixie” over at The Laughing Medusa, and just happens to be a grammar guru and copywriting pro as well.

4. Dana offers awesome advice over at Writer’s Bucket List. I highly recommend signing up for her free coaching sesh if you’re entering the digital publishing biz.

5. Kate, lifestyle coach at Make Your Own Magic, is the lady who helped me brainstorm and find the courage to tell my story even if it seems small.

6. Sara is my personal Business Best Friend, and since that’s the name of her blog, I guess we can share her.

7. Caroline, my partner-in-podcasting, writes the most fabulous, glamorous, and dreamy posts at Sparkles & Crumbs, bringing cheer and Hollywood into the everyday.

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