The November CD

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 21 2013

Gold Tape

The November CD

The rules:
1. 10 songs maximum.
2. Only one song per artist or album.
3. No repeats from last month.

Happy November!

1. Dreams and Disasters | Owl City ~ It’s a pseudo-epic dance party.

2. 21 Guns | Green Day I’ve been doing a lot of suitcase-carrying, and for this, Green Day is my jam. I associate Green Day with the mantra “keep on strugglin”. I didn’t realize that the song refers to “patriotism” and “the 21 gun salute for someone that’s fallen, but done in an arena rock ‘n’ roll sort of way”. That’s kind of exactly what I hear. Well done, Billie Joe.

3. Join Their Game | Pelbo Pelbo’s Days of Transcendence was one of my ‘albums of the week’. Good dreamy background music.

4. Do What U Want (feat. R Kelly) | Lady Gaga ~ This one has grown on me. Solid beat.

5. This is How We Do | Katy Perry ~ The song that’s been playing on my repeat in my head, sometimes when I’m trying to go to sleep. [I would not recommend it as a lullaby]. I’m tranced by the simplicity of the main line: This is how we do. Do what? Just do.

6. Chick Habit | April March ~ The token Drowned Man soundtrack song on the mix. Feels like a 60’s dance party.

7. Lemme Get That | Rihanna ~ Not a 60’s dance party. I’m noticing how important rhythm is this month (see tracks 2, 4, and 5). Surprisingly good music to type to.

8. Extraordinary | Matthew James Thomas (Pippin) ~ Pippin (from Pippin the musical) is one of my fictional BFFs. This [somewhat angsty] song is about knowing that you have potential to do something Extraordinary, but you can’t quite pinpoint that thing [that’s where the angst comes in].

9. Everything Has Changed | Taylor Swift, feat. Ed Sheeran ~ Two of my favourite modern lyricists join forces and make a music video about their childhood selves? Um yes. Both have their signature styles, so I can really tell that this is a joint effort. Cute. Taylor has a way of capturing exactly what it feels like to be a certain age, and Ed’s music is simply cosy.

10. Ain’t She Sweet | Enoch Light & The Charleston City All-Stars ~ Of course I need something from the Midnight in Paris soundtrack pre-Eurostarring to see my Parisian lady pals.

Aaaand I still need your help.

I’m loving the search for Hidden Jams, aka indie and/or unsigned artists who rock. As soon as I get my ten, the month CD will be devoted exclusively to their new music AND I will run a giveaway for a physical, personalised, mix CD. Yay! Keep the suggestions coming!

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