The October CD

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 24 2013

Gold Tape

The October CD

This is the soundtrack of my October.

The rules: Ten tracks. Only one song per artist or album. No repeats from last month.

1. Crucify | Tori Amos

I used to walk by Newbury Comics every Saturday, and each week I would buy a new album, usually based on album art or friends’ recommendations. Then I’d listen to that new album each morning in my yellow boombox. Little Earthquakes was the first of these spontaneous buys, and as it was near the end of September, “Crucify” became the sound of autumn.

2. Applause | Lady Gaga

Gaga is back. And with this song she transports – it feels otherworldly and fantastic while at the same time the lyrics bring us back to human earth.

3. Video Killed the Radio Star | The Buggles

Maybe it’s because I just read Eleanor and Park and just watched Back to the Future, but I’ve been nostalgic for the mindfulness of the pre-digital age. I think my dream world is an 8bit fairy tale.

4. Send Me On My Way | Rusted Root

Another song that feels like autumn. The simple guitar leading the jaunty steps of the musical journey. Autumn is about a journey, beginnings, long walks in the woods. Let’s go!

5. The Calculation | Regina Spektor

More bouncy beats. After years of listening to Far on Spotify I finally bought the album for myself. I have a feeling songs from that album might sit on this playlist for a while.

6. 3AM | Kate Nash

This song sounds like a sleepover.

7. Close | Erin Rea

Totally evokes a Victorian novel for me. Cosy up under the covers and read for hours by candlelight, get lost in an unrequited love story told on crisp hardcovered pages. It is the album cover, basically. (Oh and you can download for free!)

8. Unreflected | Mazzy Star

Add to sounds of autumn. Can we all perform this around a campfire please?

9. Dancing in the Moonlight | King Harvest

The campfire after-party.

10. Sincerely | The Moonglows

One of the songs featured in PunchDrunk’s The Drowned Man. It’s lovely and warm.

Listen up!

miss xandra bee

P.S. Here’s September.

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