The Stuff My Electronic Stuff is In

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 18 2014

Gold Tape

The Stuff My Electronic Stuff is In

I love my electronics, so I like to give them cozy homes. I take case-hunting very seriously.

  • Carrie the 11″ MacBook Air has a case made out of a recycled wetsuit made by Looptworks, a company that specializes in upcycled clothing and accessories. (Get $15 with this link!)
  • Toadette the iPod Touch’s case is by Tovicorrie, a Bristol-based company that makes leather cases by hand.
  • Samsung flip phone – No capes! [case.]
  • Severus the Kindle lives in a Harry Potter Cozy by Life Geekery, based in Hawaii. I found them on Etsy.

More on the cases:

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