Things I Learned from having No Internet at Home


Sep 10 2014

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Things I Learned from having No Internet at Home

When I  moved to a new flat, I thought I would be a day or two without Internet, but certainly not over a week. Which was the case. This was terrible timing for launching Lumos Your Life, keeping on schedule with blogging and FabulosiTEA, and revising for online business school. But in the end, I learned that even with such pressing commitments, it was totally doable. I learned a lot of other things too, like:

I don’t get as much email as I think I do.

It’s okay not to know things sometimes.

Sometimes finding things out without the Internet is more fun, or more lasting, like pouring over a map to find a street rather than Google Maps-ing it.

When I don’t have Internet, I am on my computer less, so my eyes are more rested, and I sleep better.

Without Internet, I read more.

I love 8tracks playlists, but without Internet I enjoy my own music more.

I watch things more mindfully, because I have to download them ahead of time.

When the Internet came back, I kept opening my laptop without agenda to combat boredom.

The Internet simplifies a lot of things. But it is also a vast distraction and should be approached with awareness.


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