You Don’t Have to Try So Hard 🥰


Apr 26 2022

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

I went a little viral on TikTok 😳

I woke up to 15K views on my Taylor Swift Song of the Week video, and over a hundred comments from spiritual Swifties resonating with my message from invisible string. 🥰🥰🥰

It seems — dare I say — fateful that this is the reading that would succeed, because its message is thus:

It’s time to loosen your grip on control and surrender yourself to the present moment. You don’t need to figure things out so much. You can trust that the universe will work its magic, that the invisible string will glitter its way through your life and guide you where you need to be. After all, none of us saw folklore coming, not even Taylor! So enjoy yourself. Take some time to just be :)

I’ve been posting Taylor readings every day on TikTok (after months of sending them as voice memos to any of my friends who would listen to them!). I figured I’d just try it out, and each one would get a little better.

After posting my invisible string video, I made a mental note of how I could have spoken more clearly, chosen better lighting, a better camera angle. My logical brain said that when I fix those imperfections, my content will succeed. But the comments showed me that actually, people valued the heart of the message.

Yes, I can improve my videography, but my true gift to the protagonists of the world is to show up and share what my soul is bursting to say. When I keep doing that, the invisible string will sort out the rest.

Stay beautiful my loves!

Until the Next Chapter,

@xandrathewitch you don’t have to try so hard 😇#swiftie #folklore #invisiblestring @taylorswift ♬ invisible string – Taylor Swift

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