Simple Fix: Allow Extra Time

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 18 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Allow Extra Time

Whether you live in the city centre [me, Oxford, last year] or eight miles out [me, London, this year], you must allow time.

Being late is annoying for the other person, and stressful for you. Just don’t do it.

Figure out a strategy for arriving on time and stick to it.

In Oxford, I aimed to be at least five minutes early. I lived about a 5-20 minute walk from anywhere, so this was easy to calculate.

Here, I know about how long it takes to get to parts of London, so I give myself an hour for King’s Cross, or half an hour for London Bridge. These are slight overestimations, and such is the plan.

I reserve thirty minutes before leaving the house for “getting ready” time, which usually involves the physical act of dressing and packing appropriately, but also any last-minute things to get done, just in case.

For day trips and longer, pack the night before, and keep a pen and paper by your bed to jot down extra things you think of for morning. Better than worrying about forgetting, or getting up several times!

Let’s be kind to the White Rabbit and let him enjoy his signature I’m Late I’m Late for a Very Important Date. We shall be early instead.

miss xandra bee
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