Tips for Tuning In: How to Treat Yourself to a Podcast

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Apr 25 2014

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Tips for Tuning In: How to Treat Yourself to a Podcast

Who has time to listen to a half-hour podcast these days?

Trust me, I get it. I’m used to reading blogs,watching my favorite TV shows, and making time for books and films. But podcasts? What even is that?

People recommended podcasts to me for the longest time, and I always meant to check them out, but since listening wasn’t part of my routine, it took a while to happen. When I finally got in the habit, I really, really enjoyed what I heard. In fact, I became a podcaster myself!

Co-hosting FabulosiTEA with Caroline from Sparkles and Crumbs is one of the highlights of each week. If you like what you’re reading here, I think you’ll like the podcast too. So if you’ve been seeing the episode announcements, but haven’t gotten around to listening, here are some fun ways to bring it into your routine.

I’m not one to encourage multi-tasking. Please don’t listen to FabulosiTEA while you’re watching Survivor. [the horror!]. But here are some activities that can be supplemented with a podcast.

You can listen to podcasts while…

  • Walking – Sometimes I listen to podcasts while I walk to work. You could also use a new episode as an excuse to walk around your neighborhood, with “friends’!
  • Doing chores – Clean the floors, fold laundry, organize your desk, paint the walls. Just don’t vacuum, probably.
  • Collaging – I like to go through pages from magazines and decorate notebooks with my favorite scraps. Working with visual inspiration is a great way to complement audio inspiration!
  • Stretching – Do some yoga or stretches for the duration of the podcast! I wouldn’t run to people talking, personally, but some light exercise could be fun.
  • Playing Tetris – I love playing Quinn to podcasts.
  • Doodling and note-taking – Here’s a thought. Make a podcasting sketchbook. Title the episode at the top of the page, and take down notes and doodles – whatever takes your fancy. FabulosiTEA in particular is full of Caroline’s well-curated quotations!
  • Eating breakfast – When I lived alone at university I would watch my favorite YouTubers or even an episode of Gossip Girl while I ate my morning muesli. It was nice way to kick off the day “with company”. You can even tweet us and join in on the conversation!
  • In the tub – Draw up a bath, add bubbles, push play, and relax. And how timely – this week’s episode is about bathing like Cleopatra! (Seriously, if you listen to the episode about baths in the bath, let us know!)

  • Travelling – Load your iPod with podcasts before a plane, train, or bus ride. I can’t get anything done on a bumpy bus, so I might as well listen to something to distract me from headaches!
  • Commuting – Some of our listeners have voiced that they love to listen while driving!
  • Waiting for your nails to dry – I doubt I’m the only one out there who can’t keep still after I paint my nails. I realize that I’m such a busy-body, so I have to sit through a movie or something to force myself to let my nail polish dry in peace.
  • Knitting – Especially repetitive pieces, like scarves
  • Editing photos – I need complete silence while I write or read, but when I edit photos I like to have something playing in the background.
  • Getting up in the morning – If you’re like Caroline, and enjoy lying in, set your alarm twenty-five minutes early, turn on the podcast, and enjoy from your comfy position among the pillows. Bonus points if someone brings you breakfast (or brunch) in bed ;)
  • Getting ready for bed – It’s nice to have a calming down routine, and forcing yourself to sit, lounge, or lie back and listen could be just what you’re looking for.
  • Sipping cup of tea – Well, obviously, as it’s FabulosiTEA we think tea goes perfectly. Plus, if you sign up for our newsletter, you can see our tea and cake pairings that complement each episode!

How to Listen:

1. Subscribe on iTunes – the episode will download to iTunes on your desktop, and/or to the Podcast app that comes with your iPod or iPhone.
2. Subscribe on YouTube – Alas, there are no visuals, but if you’re used to YouTube, then give us a listen!

We also post links on our sites, and on – the latter is worth checking out for Caroline’s beautiful show notes each week!

Go ahead – take your pick! And make sure to let us know how you listen.

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