To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Podcast & Discussion Questions


Sep 17 2018

Gold Tape

To All The Boys I've Loved Before Podcast & Discussion Questions

A New Heroine Training Podcast!

Introducing our new podcast: “What’s Your Favorite Part?”, co-hosted by my sister Junie and me. We’re talking about female-centric and feel-good films & tv with a focus on diverse perspectives, and of course, being your own heroine. 

New episodes every Monday.

You can listen to Episode 1 and subscribe here:

After collaborating on our blog post on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Junie and I decided to kick off the podcast with an episode covering the film.

Each episode includes a corresponding blog post of discussion questions to continue the conversation with your heroine friends (after you’ve shared your favourite parts).


  1. Lara Jean writes letters to figure out her feelings. How do you figure out your feelings?
  2. Lara Jean, Peter, and Kitty have different ideas of an ideal Friday night. What’s yours?
  3. Cupcakes, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies?
  4. What song would you play on the jukebox over and over?
  5. What was your high school hangout, and what would it be now?
  6. Lara Jean received love letters without realising it. What non-literal love letters have you received?
  7. Favourite Lara Jean outfit?
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