How I Keep My Passport Safe in Style

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Apr 11 2014

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Travel Light: Keeping My Passport Safe in Style

Travel can be so stressful. A major way to stay in control is to keep your important documents together. 

I have long lusted over compact and beautiful cases that hug passports in style, but they always make you take off the case at customs anyway. Then I saw this one, which includes adorably organized pockets for documents, tickets, and currency as well. It still wasn’t quite right, but it made me realize that I wanted one case for all of my documents in one.

Then I found this case while browsing at Indigo, my go-to chic ethical boutique in Oxford. When I travel I put everything important in here: passport, boarding pass, travel docs, bus tickets for leaving the airport. 

Travel Light: Keeping My Passport Safe in Style


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This week Caroline and I talk “Flying with Flair” in our latest episode of FabulosiTEA. She’s a frequent quick-flight flyer, while I’m used to long haul, so we pool our knowledge and give our best advice for whatever flight you may be on.



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P.S. The boarding pass above was my first ever ticket to the UK. One of the things I did not de-clutter in my 496-item minimalist challenge last month!

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