When You Find a Treasure…

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 10 2013

Gold Tape

When You Find a Treasure...Wandering through Ballard, Seattle’s indie paradise, I found a treasure trove. Literally, as, adorably, that’s the name of the shop – Trove.

When You Find a Treasure...

It’s not just what’s for sale, but how it’s lovingly displayed. Of course, it was the rings-in-books display that caught my eye first ^, but as I browsed I became well-practiced in The Double Take – oh wait that sign is painted on a door! Oh wait those are mason jars suspended from the ceiling!

When You Find a Treasure...It’s the kind of game I play with Anthropologie – oh that’s pretty…oh, it’s a chandelier made out of pencils. CRAFTY. [no pun intended but I’m pretty proud of that one].

Let’s look at the above ^.  Put a frame on it and your wardrobe is art. How about we only buy and keep pieces that we love enough to frame?

When You Find a Treasure...

When You Find a Treasure...^ Jewellery storage inspo.

Have what you love, but love what you have – the individual pieces at Trove are beautiful, but their beauty is enhanced by carefully arranged displays. Go slowly, and tumble through Trove’s secrets – in such a delicate wonderland things are not always as they seem. And isn’t that marvelous?

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