Turn Obligations Into Carnivals


Mar 26 2019

Gold Tape

Turn Obligations Into Carnivals

Over lunch at the airport, I asked Steve how we could set our upcoming Disney vacation up for success.

Jet lag was already an issue, with long days ahead of us only getting longer. We concluded that boring as it may be, we needed to hydrate. Our instinct was to go go go, from attraction to attraction, without stopping to refuel.

We promised to encourage each other to drink water. 

This not only helped us to enjoy our trip, but became one of the most memorable parts of it.

Animal Kingdom’s carnival games caught my eye, but we didn’t want to pay for vouchers.

It was Everyday Wonderland’s month of Play, so I challenged myself to get creative.

I invented our own carnival game – refilling our water bottle at the fountain.

This game was free, and required similar skills to the ticketed ones. 

For the rest of the trip, as we wandered the parks, instead of:
‘I’m thirsty,’ or‘
Okay if we stop at the drinking fountain?’

We would ask:

What could have been a boring mood kill became something to giggle at and enjoy. 

‘So, Mission Space, then stop by the carnival before dinner?’ Fun 🙂

The Lesson

Mini Adventures enhance your life: on typical day or on vacation at Disney World.

Turn something that feels like a chore – like filling a water bottle – into a game.

Hydration is something you have to do, all the time. Why not find a way to enjoy it?

For more on turning obligations into Mini Adventures, join me in Everyday Wonderland, my weekly one-minute programme for finding magic in your daily life, away from screens.

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