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Oct 26 2021

Gold Tape

Hi Reader!

Seven years ago, I was given my first Passion Planner. Every year since, I’ve returned. Never before had I found a system that encourages me to prioritise personal projects as well as professional ones.

I keep returning to Passion Planner because it has a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. You can use as much or as little of it as you wish. But either way — this planner is symbolic of not only productivity, but as a reminder to delight yourself by following your dreams.

To get set up for the new year in plenty of time, order your new planner with my discount code XANDRA1 at PassionPlanner.com. Save money and support Heroine Training :)

Should You Buy A Passion Planner?

Here’s the Passion Planner scoop on sizes, paper and cover quality, a tour of its features, and how to figure out which planner is best for you:


Plan With Me

Plan my week with me in Passion Planner! How I set up my weekly task list for success ✅:


WORST Passion Planner Features

Passion Planner Roadmap Hack

I wasn’t feeling the timescale for the Passion Roadmap…so I made my own with this simple tweak!


How I Use My Passion Planner Back Pages

A tour of what I did with the back pages in my 2020 Passion Planner, with thoughts on what I’ll be changing for 2021.

Passion Planner Monthly Layouts

Beauty is a strategy in my 2021 Passion Planner! Here’s what I’m doing with my Monthly Layouts this year.

Order your new planner with my discount code XANDRA1 at PassionPlanner.com

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