Up for Grabs: Ready to Frock Swap!

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Apr 25 2013

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Up for Grabs: Ready to Frock Swap!

I’m super excited for this Saturday’s Fe-Line Frock Swap. The premise is simple – bring some nice clothes that you no longer want and swap for an item of similar value!

When it comes to getting rid of clothing, I find these barely-used items to be the hardest to give away. Back at home I drop off pieces like this at Closet Exchange in Needham, where they pay you if the items sell and donate them to a women’s charity if they don’t. I’ve tried Ebay, but don’t usually make much money, especially with the hassle of shipping and dealing with customers. For items bringing in $20 or less it’s just not worth it for me.

So if you’re in Oxford and going through spring cleaning, here’s a fun and eco-friendly way to shop and purge all at once. Here’s what I’m bringing and why:

  • Free People sweaterBritain, let me introduce you to my friend Free People. They’re fantastic. I love this jumper, but it’s a bit wintry for my tiny transformable wardrobe. Seeking a pullover for all seasons.
  • Massimo Dutti heels. Classy and adorable, but I just own too many shoes. I keep neglecting these in favour of my crazy panda heels, so I hope they find a home where they’re more frequently appreciated.
  • Top Shop wedges. Again, anticipating the final move-out from uni, shoes must go as they take up space and weight in my bag. Originally purchased for wear at my college ball [a good choice, as wedges do better than stilettos on grassy venues] I’ve had a happy three years with these fabulous things, which are an instant boost to any outfit. I even wore them to my last exam in first year. Sub fusc rules require “black shoes”. Well these are black shoes.

The Fe-Line Frock Swap is at Big Society Oxford this Saturday 27 April from 12:30pm – 6pm.

Will I be seeing your fabulous self there?

by miss xandra bee

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