Local vs Tourist: I Moved to London

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 15 2013

Gold Tape

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Last month I moved to London.

Yes, it’s one of the world’s most iconic cities, and thanks to The Clash, it is perpetually Calling. But my London exceeds even this level of notoriety. My London is the product of a fornightly series of weekend escape from Oxford academia. It’s a place packed with urban magic and restorative, contagious energy. Oxford challenged, London encouraged. An ideal balance.

The present: I get to live in Cultural Candyland 24/7. I see London through the lens of “local”. I entered Paddington with a mission to memorize – my first test: know the station. What are all the options, where’s the best place for a quick breakfast. In contrast, the “visitor for the day” nametag exhilarates. Must find the best. Pronto. But being a local is slower, more mindful. I have time, if you give it to myself. No need to rush past, because with patience to keep digging I will find my Places. The coffee shop with perfect wifi and compatible soundtrack. The cosiest joint for comfort food. The tiny boutique that sells travel journals, vegan truffles, and unicorn accessories [still searching for this one].

Not all who wander are lost. So let’s get wandering.

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