How to Use your Passion Planner Roadmap


Dec 30 2016

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How to Use your Passion Planner Roadmap

It’s prime planning time!

It doesn’t feel like a new year until I get my new Passion Planner ready. Yesterday I started to fill in my new compact, and I must say it is adorable.

One of the key features of the Passion Planner is the Passion Roadmap, which eliminates new year’s resolution stress by keeping you on track with your goals and wishes throughout the year.

How to Use your Passion Planner Roadmap

My tips:

  • use different colour pens for personal and work goals
  • follow the directions on the road map page and set a timer to begin the exercise
  • look back on your previous maps to see how your goals have changed
  • use this space as a wish list throughout the year
  • make a birthday list for an extra deadline
  • use the monthly Project sections to work on road map goals
  • have a weekly planner date with yourself
  • revisit your roadmap once a month to check on your progress

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My Passion Planner Roadmap Example

How to Use your Passion Planner Roadmap xandra-signature

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