Finding My Wardrobe Colour Palette


Aug 06 2014

Gold Tape

Finding My Wardrobe Colour Palette

My life is cycling back through the steps I took in my book, Becoming My Own Heroine. Back to the UK, back to suitcase living. To be certain that I packed the right combination of clothing, I filled out Unfancy’s free wardrobe planner. So useful! My main takeaway was defining a colour palette.

First I laid out all my clothes I was thinking of taking, in rainbow order ^, to spot trends. Then I matched them with some crayon colours:

Finding My Wardrobe Colour Palette

I found that my main colours are powder pink and cobalt blue, with some highlights of bright pink, yellow, and orange, and black. It sounds like a lot of colours, but it does help to eliminate greens and purples, and earthtone shades.

Do you have a colour palette?

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