Wardrobe Weekly: an Outfit and a Closet Tour

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 07 2014

Gold Tape

In this video I reflect on Project 333, and how I’m incorporating what I learned into my current closet:


I mention Dressing for the Occasion, and here’s a perfect example:

Robin Hoodie

Wardrobe Weekly: an Outfit and a Closet TourWardrobe Weekly: an Outfit and a Closet TourTo see A.R.T.’s The Heart of Robin Hood [Bostonians: go see it before it closes! It is awesome.], I went for Sherwood Forest Chic.

The Betsey Johnson top, Burberry jeans, and Exeter scarf are in my daily rotation, and I accented with my lesser worn Top Shop necklace and Crown & Glory headband (which especially matched the show). The Betsey Johnson hoodie and yellow Docs are not warm enough to be in my current winter selection.

Why it’s Fashionably Light

Mixing summery pieces into my winter wardrobe expands the range of options for Dressing for the Occasion.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Last week’s Occasion was seeing the film Saving Mr Banks

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