Wardrobe Weekly: Like a Penguin

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 16 2013

Gold Tape

Occasion: Return to Oxford

Wardrobe Weekly: Like a Penguin Wardrobe Weekly: Like a PenguinFor a week’s worth of Oxford I wore these two outfits [only], plus my Izzy Lane pullover and All Saints coat. Hello autumn!

fair trade necklace | Ambrym dress from Simonne et Lisa B | tights from Urban Outfitters | Betsey Johnson watch | Irregular Choice shoes from Schuh

Godzilla t-shirt earned at Atomic Burger | Ann Taylor Loft belt | Burberry jeans | Betsey Johnson watch | Dr Marten Billie boots

Occasion: Theatre-Queuing and Urban Pixie-Meeting Like a PenguinWardrobe Weekly: Like a Penguin

Overnight, it seems, London became arctic. Leaving the house early in the morning to hop in the Chimerica day seat queue I threw on as many wooly layers as I could find.

Wardrobe Weekly: Like a Penguin
Wardrobe Weekly: Like a PenguinPhotos by the lovely Sarah [The Laughing Medusa] after lunching at Wild Food Café [our first visit. we approve]. She calls herself an urban pixie and lives up to the title, doncha think?

Wardrobe Weekly: Like a Penguin

hat from Forms | sweater knit by my Halmoni | French Connection UK dress | Betsey Johnson watch | French Connection UK tights | Top Shop socks | Dr Marten Billie boots

Off to Oxford again. Traveling reminds me why I choose to live fashionably light. When I have to carry my clothes around for a week, I’d rather bring one extra outfit instead of six, you know?

miss xandra bee

P.S. Sarah’s version of the story :)

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