Wardrobe Weekly: New Clothes in the Snow

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 30 2014

Gold Tape

1. New DressWardrobe Weekly: New Clothes in the Snow

Modcloth shipment alert! My new dress emulates springtime, even though I’m standing on an ice block of snow.

Why it’s fashionably light: my fabulous dress is Made in the USA (California!), out of some sturdy 100% cotton. When buying a new dress, I look for durability as well as pretty colors.

2. Old New Blazer


Outfit Red Blazer

For an afternoon of catching up on some writing, I dressed the part.

Why it’s fashionably light: I do love shopping in Mama’s closet. This blazer from decades ago is 100% wool, and super warm. Also, shoulder pads. Gotta love the 80s.

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