Wardrobe Weekly: Project 333 Vacation

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 06 2013

Gold Tape

1. Hello HomeWardrobe Weekly: Project 333 Vacation

Home in Boston for a coupla weeks – with fewer clothing items than I thought I had packed – reduced my Project 333 options… by a lot. Executive decision time: I’m prioritizing my commitment to Dressing for the Occasion over my commitment to my current minimalist experiment. Hence, hello clothes that were left behind in my other closet!

2. OMG America. Wardrobe Weekly: Project 333 Vacation

Mama says, I’ll take it again; there’s a mail truck in the background and I say NO! America is beautiful! A few months away from home and suddenly yellow traffic lights and green street signs are as excitingly iconic as London’s double deckers and red telephone booths used to be. Wait, is that why I keep wearing cowboy boots?

3. I Got Tired of Just Standing There

Wardrobe Weekly: Project 333 Vacation

I think that says it all.

miss xandra bee

P.S. You’ll now find a Wardrobe tab at the top of my site, which links to a list of everything I own, clothes-wise.

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