Wardrobe Weekly: Shoredtich and Swing

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 20 2013

Gold Tape

1. Shopping in ShoreditchWardrobe Weekly: Shoredtich and Swing

Wardrobe Weekly: Shoredtich and SwingFor a pedestrian-packed walk down Brick Lane doing a Londoner’s version of a Sunday shop (bookstores, vintage, browsing street stalls), I challenged the graffiti in colourful-ness.

2. Swing Dance Class!

Wardrobe Weekly: Shoredtich and SwingSarah and I headed to Drink Shop Do, where there are amps on the walls. Where they serve British comfort food on mismatched vintage plates. Where they offer classes in everything from list-making to Lego robot-building. Tonight we learned the basics of swing. My Malvolio shoes would have been perfect, but alas, are in Boston. Still, I was learning lead, so my Docs stomp authority I suppose. [and make pull kicks that much more effective a work out.]

Wardrobe Weekly: Shoredtich and Swing

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