Wardrobe Weekly: Weekend in Paris

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Dec 05 2013

Gold Tape

Musée RodinWardrobe Weekly: Weekend in Paris

How fortunate am I to have two meilleures amies who live in Paris! I spent the weekend dining on crêpes and macarons, wandering enchanting streets and markets, soaking up le Noël, and of course chatting away [en anglais.].

To lighten my load, I relied on Toadette the iPod for photos, and the above is the best result. I also packed my hand-me-down St Johns skirt, a reversible Anthro tank, a J Crew striped top, and an Izzy Lane jumper. It worked pretty well for traveling light, though my feet are grateful to be home to other options.

Not an outfit, but Stuff on the Ground is worth mentioning.

Even discarded leaves and things are beautiful in Paris.

Wardrobe Weekly: Weekend in ParisWardrobe Weekly: Weekend in Paris

^Toadette’s new wallpaper.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Flashback to my last trip to Paris.

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