Okay, Fine, Watches are Useful

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 05 2012

Gold Tape

^ my new betsey johnson watch, a gift from my mom

i have not owned a watch for years. i usually have my phone on me, so why carry around an extra object? a combination of  a discount price, hot pink, and a fluffy-plus-edgy glitter skull and hair-bow combo led to this watch ending up in my possession. i wore it to the airport yesterday and must admit, it made my journey a bit less stressful. my hands were full of bags and my pockets contained valuables, so i didn’t want to fiddle with them anyway. so much easier to glance at a wrist than fish out a phone. i still don’t consider my watch to be an essential (when i’m doing work the ticking is distracting), but in certain cases it is rather useful, and doesn’t really contribute to travel weight ~ if anything it lightens the mental load.  

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