Webinar this Wednesday!


May 23 2016

Gold Tape

Webinar this Wednesday!

Living with Confidence: from Supporting Character to Leading Lady

Join me in conversation with professional actress Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell as we discuss how to use the lessons learnt onstage in real life.

Join us LIVE on Wednesday, 25 May at 6PM BST (1PM ET, 10AM Pacific) for our webinar “Living with Confidence: From Supporting Character to Leading Lady”.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn. . .

1. How to develop the confidence to put yourself first. Finding the balance between caring for others and yourself can be tricky. We’ll break down why you should be your number one priority, and how to persuade yourself to step into the spotlight.

2. How to cast the supporting roles in your life with intention. Put on your casting director’s hat and surround yourself with the best supporting characters.

3. How to use acting techniques to understand yourself and uncover your purpose. Just how does an actress get into character, and how can that process of understanding another person help us to understand ourselves?

And soooo much more.

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Hope to see you on Wednesday!

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